2018 Ford Mustang – Review

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IntroductionFord Mustang

The Ford Mustang has never really been a car for commonality. Especially in the UK where there is very few. Although when Mustang finally decided to import to Europe in 2015 officially. Then people began to line up to register their interest. Ford has luckily applied some mid-life updates to the Mustang. The Ford Mustang 2018 will arrive with small engine changes and much more aggressive styling. Also, a new 10-speed automatic transmission and enough models and colours to satisfy every customer deepest desires. Some exciting features that have been introduced are that handling has improved and the looks of the car have altered slightly. The only slight problem is the pricing when you come to purchase the GT coupe edition which can approach £55,000 which is a hefty price.

Ford Mustang Interior and Design

Stepping inside of the Mustang it only differs slightly from the 2017 model. The most prominent change which is an optional extra is a 12-inch digital instrument cluster with a customizable screen which is key to the selected driving mode. Depending on your equipment within the Mustang, the switch also controls the damper settings and the transmission shift programming. The switch also can control exhaust timbre, steering effort and throttle mapping.The are many ways to mix the modes, and there is also a driver shortcut on the wheel which allows the driver to save preferred settings. This years model of the car brings more available safety equipment to the optional extras list as well. This is including emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear cross traffic alert and lane keeping assist.

The Design of the Ford Mustang hasn’t changed massively, but there have been little tweaks like the flattening of the hood for better forward visibility. There is standard LED lighting all around. The performance package coupe comes with a large wing which carefully designed to nothing. Ford’s wind tunnel team already had the aerodynamics where they wanted it, so the new wing is only there to make the car look more impressive. If your looking for real aero enhancements and greater grip levels see for the level 2 performance package. There is an optional black diffuser. New C-shaped tail-lamps at the rear of the vehicle. The UK edition specs are still yet to be confirmed, in America however, there are ten versions; Six coupe Fastbacks and four Convertibles.The Ford Mustang has been face-lifted giving more aggressive looks and driver better viability.

Ford Mustang PerformanceFord Mustang

The Ford Mustang not surprisingly comes with as standard a 5 litre V8. The horsepower of the new Mustang is 460bhp and up to 420 pounds of torque. Which are 25 more horsepower and 20 more torque from last years models. The entry-level US EcoBoost makes 306bhp and 475Nm o torque. Although the outgoing UK car boasting about a more powered 313bhp engine. Ford says that this will drop to 286bhp for 2018. Additionally, up to now Americans still have a V6 option, but this is soon to be removed as with the focus shifting more potent on the V8 version. This is a vicious sounding engine even with an adjustable exhaust set in standard mode. If you redline the Mustang, it distinctly sounds like a NASCAR V8. The Mustangs power comes similar to Porsche, so it builds steadily and even more aggressively.


Overall, the 2018 Ford Mustang has had a facelift. Additionally, the new from 2017 model has had some small design and performance tweaks which have enhanced the car slightly.The grille has reshaped alongside the bonnet for aerodynamics. The car has also obtained some full LED lights both front and rear. Ford continued to offer 2.3 litres EcoBoost and the 5 Litre V8 GT in the UK. The transmission is provided standard as six-speed manual, but there’s an optional 10-speed automatic. Another option is ‘MagnaRide’ which uses the adaptive dampers taken from the Shelby GT350. There have been slight changes on the inside which include a 12-inch digital instrument display. There is a new active valve exhaust system, with additional lane departure warning and lane, keep assist.An interesting safety feature is pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection included.


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