Audi dealerships want to change up the game

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Recently Audi have come out and said that generally people don’t visit dealerships as often as they used to. The people that do visit them mainly go there to find out prices and already know just as much as the staff there.

The internet has become the go-to place for purchasing cars as it is the easiest and cheapest way you can do things without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

The way Audi wants to change things is by implementing Virtual Reality software in their dealerships in order to enhance the experience and train its staff.

One of the ways Audi does this is by placing the latest virtual reality headset along with the ‘Virtual Training Car’.

This is essentially an A4 saloon with lots of gadgets and technology stuffed inside it to emulate the real experience.

This allows the sales managers to demonstrate exactly what each car is capable of and how they will look. This changes things up quite a lot as it will allow people to experience all kinds of gadgets and upgrades to the cars with just the press of a button. The sales managers will also be able to describe and “explain the systems from the heart and not just from a piece of paper”.

The tech experience inside of the dealerships is also going to be reinvented. The way they do this is by installing a Virtual Engineering Terminal which is a screen-based module demonstrating various features which are available on the vehicle.

However, only three of these systems exist so far and cost over £30,000. A horizontal 1.4m touchscreen is mated to a 65-inch monitor with cameras detecting all sorts of movements as data is being projected through the computer. The touchscreen interface allows for tracking of movements of model cars.

This means that customers can see various features showcased from all sorts of angles such as bird’s eye view and cockpit view.

Their plan is to implement more of these machines at various dealership locations worldwide.

What are your thoughts on Virtual Reality? Can Audi really change the way people see dealerships?

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Audi dealerships want to change up the game
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Audi dealerships want to change up the game
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