Best SatNav Apps for iOS and Andriod

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Long gone is the time, when we were used to asking people for directions and spend hours on the road lost in searching our destination. Thanks to the satnav (Satellite Navigation) technology in our cars and on our smartphones, now we can reach our destination on time without any hassle. We have seen satnav apps improve steadily over the past few years. But here are some of the favourite picks for satnav apps on iOS and Android.

1) Waze
Available on iOS and Android
Waze is said to be the best satnav apps nowadays by many reviewers. It has some amazing features, easy to handle and is free (what’s not to like?). Crowd-sourcing data operate waze; it means the app updates itself instantly to inform you in time about road blockage, accidents or traffic jams ahead by the information given by other users. It also tells the users about local petrol prices. The app’s usage is a piece of cake, although you would need your mobile data for navigation. The app also gathers data about your location to upgrade its data to provide timely notification to other users. But this might be an issue for some people as it endangers one’s privacy.

2) HereWeGo
Available on iOS and Android
These companies are accountable for most of the navigation systems we found in our cars, and one might imagine that they would have the most flawless product. They do, to some extent. They have been able to make an app with almost all the features one requires from these apps plus it also has live traffic updating system, and it automatically reroutes you if there is some delay on the road ahead.

3) Google Maps
Available on iOS and Android
Google Maps is most commonly used the app for navigation purposes (maybe because it is free). Most of the smartphones have Google Maps by default. Although it does have some warnings and does crash sometimes overall, it has proven to be quite handy. It has a neat layout, live traffic updates and you can zoom in and out quickly during driving. It can provide the whole route on entering your destination and starting point (probably your current location). It also gives an estimated time it would take for you to get to your destination by bus, car or on foot.

4) CoPilot
Available on iOS and Android
You will have to pay for CoPilot’s traffic updates after the first year, but on the upside, it does provide features like warning you if you are going above the speed limit. It will also come with already downloaded maps, so you don’t have to worry about weak signals. It also provides detailed information regarding distance like how far is your next points based on your current speed.
Every app has its pros and cons. The selection of the app depends on the user’s needs and requirements.

Best Sat-Nav Apps for iOS and Andriod
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Best Sat-Nav Apps for iOS and Andriod
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