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Out of all the highly-anticipated new vehicles, the Bugatti Chiron is arguably the most exciting. Although we have seen the prototype prior to the car’s official debut, it wasn’t until last week that we finally got to see the production version of Chiron in all its glory at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Today we are going to take a look at everything that we know so far about this incredible new sports car.

The Bugatti Veyron’s worthy successor is scheduled to go on sale later this year. Only 500 will ever be made, which means that it’s going to be quite rare. We can definitely see the Chiron becoming a future classic, so if you want to purchase one, you better hurry.

One glimpse at the Chiron is definitely enough to get excited. It sports a fresh design that can be seen throughout its bold styling. The vehicle features a familiar Bugatti aesthetic but with a fresh and exciting twist. I’s sleek and elegant however it still features a certain level of aggressiveness, which works very well with the overall feel of the new Chiron.

Its appearance isn’t the only thing about it that stands out. The Bugatti Chiron is a sports car after all so people expect a certain level of power from it.

Fans of speed will definitely love the new vehicle. Powered by an 6-litre W16 turbocharged engine, the vehicle is capable of producing around 1,478bhp and reaching an electronically limited speed of 260mph (420 km/h).

Every last bit of the new Bugatti Chiron feels like it serves a purpose, which is refreshing as nothing feels out of place.

The new Bugatti s a complete package that’s guaranteed to appeal to a great number of people. Its steep price tag will likely put some people off, however with 360 out of the 500 remaining available, we’re pretty sure that it will sell out in no time.

If you have a spare £1.9 million lying around somewhere, the new Bugatti Chiron is definitely worth every penny. It’s arguably one of the most exciting modern cars and we’re very much looking forward to seeing it on out roads in the near future.

Are you a fan of the new Chiron? Perhaps you prefer its predecessor, the Veyron? Let us know in the comments down below or drop us a line with any ideas or suggestions that you might have.

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