Driverless vehicles – Volvo says no

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Volvo says no to driverless vehicles

It has just been revealed by Volvo that it has no interest in developing a driverless vehicles, opting instead to focus on partially-autonomous technology.

The topic of driverless vehicles seems to be on everybody’s minds at the minute. With numerous big manufacturers coming out in support of the technology, it would appear that we are heading towards a driverless future.

Well, according to latest reports Volvo disagrees. Although, the brand is planning on taking advantage of the technology behind self-driving cars, it is not interested in introducing a fully-driverless vehicle anytime soon.

Although, such cars are not yet available to buy, they do exist; however, tests are currently underway to determine their safety. The autonomous technology can be found in many modern vehicles in various forms however.

Automatic parking systems, use such technologies, as well as a number of other safety features that can be found in a great number of vehicles currently on the market.

Instead of following the trend, Volvo is standing its ground and trying to do something different, which will likely pay off.

Autonomous technology is seen as unsafe by many, as it hasn’t yet been properly tested. Since Volvo is world-renowned for the safety of its vehicles, having produced some of the safest cars to ever exist, choosing to not get involved in fully-autonomous cars is probably the best move that it could’ve made.

By keeping things simple, and using partial autonomy to its advantage, Volvo will likely continue producing reliable and safe vehicles for its customers.

Options about driverless technology seem to be quite divided at the minute, with many people not completely sold on the idea of getting inside a car without a driver.

There’s no denying that fully-driverless cars will make it onto our roads at some point, but with the amount of work still required to make them road-legal, it’s probably not going to happen or a while.

What are your thoughts on self-driving cars? Are you a fan of autonomous technology or are you not completely sold on it yet? Let us know your thoughts, and don’t forget to return soon for more articles from the fantastic world of cars.

Volvo says no to driverless vehicles
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Volvo says no to driverless vehicles
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