Fiat Chrysler: Brand to recall 1.1 million vehicles following 41 injuries

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It has just been announced that Fiat Chrysler is currently preparing to recall 1.1 million vehicles over a parking issue, which resulted in 41 injuries.

The full scale of the issue has not been made clear yet, however it is believed that around 1.1 million vehicles are affected including the likes of the Dodge Charger, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler 300.

Although the majority of affected vehicles are believed to be in the US at the moment, according to various reports around 4621 of the cars believed to be affected are in the UK.

According to the brand, the issue is caused by drivers not engaging in “Park” correctly rather than there being a technical fault.  Notification lights will reportedly be improved to make it easier for drivers to tell when their vehicles are in Park and when they are not.

This fix will likely prevent any future injuries and give people the peace of mind when driving their vehicles.

Although to date no injuries have been reported in Britain, the brand’s decision to recall all vehicles believed to be affected will likely go down well with its customers.

Reportedly, all customers with eligible vehicles will be contacted in the near future. They will be required to take their vehicle in to their nearest dealership where the fix for the issue will be provided.

It’s good to see the brand doing something about the issue as 41 injuries are not acceptable. Whether owners of affected vehicles will receive anything else, apart from the fix, remains to be seen, however it’s always good to see a brand deal with an issue regardless of the costs.

If you believe your vehicle could be affected, you will be contacted in the coming weeks with further instructions.

How well do you think the brand is dealing with the issue? Do you think more could’ve been done to prevent it from occurring in the first place? Let us know what you think.

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