Honda NSX second generation 2016

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The original Honda NSX was launched in 1990 and remained in production for 15 years. It was one of the best cars ever to be produced by the brand so the fact that it’s making a comeback will definitely please a lot of people. We don’t really associate Honda with sports cars, however the brand is about to bring back the NSX and we couldn’t be more excited.

The second generation Honda NSX will enter production this year, and according to reports it will go on sale towards the end of the year.

Based on the 2007 Acura ASCC (Advanced Sports Car Concept), which was showcased at the North American International Auto Show, the NSX definitely delivers when it comes to styling. It’s aggressive and sporty, which is exactly what you’d expect from a sports car. Very little of the original NSX is featured on the second generation, which isn’t a bad thing. The vehicle evolved and to be quite honest it looks much bolder than the original.

What else is new you might ask? Well, the new NSX is actually a hybrid. It’s powered by a longitudinally mounted 3.5-litre Twin-turbo V6 engine, two electric motor as well as a rear electric motor.

Honda definitely took a risk by making the NSX a hybrid, however from the reactions that the car has received so far, we’re guessing it’s going to pay off.

If you are after a sports car that’s going to turn heads and impress, then the Honda NSX will definitely meet your needs.

Perhaps it’s not the greatest sports car ever made, however by making it a hybrid, the brand has elevated the vehicle to another level and made it appealing to a whole new group of customers.

The car comes with a price tag of £120,000 meaning the average person probably won’t be able to afford it.

How do you feel about the NSX? Are you a fan or do you not like vehicles that are slightly more extravagant? Let us know.

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