Meet Aston Martin AM37: a new 1000bph boat

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Ever since the industry was in its early days, car manufacturers have experimented with different ideas and concepts in attempts of reinventing the way we travel. This still occurs today, however it’s much harder for carmakers to come up with anything that hasn’t been seen before. Well, Aston Martin is definitely not giving up.

Later this week, the brand will showcase its latest project at the Milan Design Week and it’s a unique one.

In collaboration with Dutch boat maker, Quintessence, the brand produced a new boat. That’s right, you could soon be cruising around on your very own Aston Martin boat.

Named AM37, the boat looks intriguing to say the least. Just by looking at the pictures, you can tell that Aston Martin had something to do with it.

The idea of mixing cars and boats is not necessarily new, as it has been toyed with by numerous manufacturers over the years, however it’s always exciting to see brands pushing the boundaries and exploring the unknown.

Equipped with a pair of 520bhp petrol V8 engines the AM37 is reportedly capable of reaching speeds of up to 52 knots, making it extremely powerful and fast.

For those after something slightly less extravagant however, there is another option, which sees the V8’s replaced with a pair of diesel engines capable of producing 370bph and reaching a top speed of around 44 knots.

Elements of luxury and elegance can be seen throughout the boat, which sports a fascinating, car-inspired finish.

Although the boat will be marketed and sold as an “Aston Martin”, the British carmaker had no input on the AM37’s engineering or its powertrain.

Currently scheduled to go on sale later this year, the boat will be showcased later this week in Milan. It’s not clear at the moment how much the AM37 will cost, however we can probably expect its price tag to be just as extreme as the boat itself.

What do you think about the Aston Martin AM37? Are you a fan of the boat? Let us know what you think.

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