Mitsubishi fuel rigging scandal: Brand admits to cheating tests since 1991

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It has emerged last week that Mitsubishi was facing accusations of cheating fuel economy tests. Whilst the brand remained silent for the most part, it has released a statement today admitting to cheating official tests since 1991.

The announcement resulted in the brand’s share value dropping by a staggering 50%, leaving Mitsubishi’s future uncertain.

Only last week, the brand made headlines after it has emerged that a scandal could be brewing. Some are comparing the situation to last year’s “Dieselgate” scandal, which saw millions of cars recalled.

According to reports, a committee has already been assembled to look into the scandal and decide Mitsubishi’s fate.

Currently, no UK models are believed to be affected, however it’s been reported that around 625,000 Japanese cars could be affected. The i-MIEV electric car is said to be one of the car’s affect but until an official announcement is made, we won’t know for sure.

All four of the brand’s kei cars are reportedly affected, with Mitsubishi stopping production until further developments emerge.

The brand’s Japanese offices were raided by government officials last week and a full investigation was launched.

Mitsubishi was told to hand over documents and provide more information about its fuel economy data.

Whether the brand will be forced to pay fines or offer compensation to its customers remains to be seen, regardless if its shares are anything to go by, it could take the company a long time to repair the damage.

Some are suggesting that the brand should offer to buy back the affected vehicles or alternatively offer some sort of compensation.

Ever since the “Dieselgate” scandal emerged last year, carmakers have been under great pressure from authorities.

Although Volkswagen was the first brand to get caught using a software to cheat official emissions tests, more carmakers accused of cheating on official tests and falsifying data are emerging.

Apart from Mitsubishi, Fiat is another brand that’s currently under investigation.

Only time will tell how much all these developments affect the industry as a whole. All we know is that something needs to be done about it and soon.

How do you feel about all these scandals lately? Have you been affected by any of them? Let us know your thoughts.

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