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Seat Leon Cupra 300, or Seat Leon ST Cupra 300 4Drive is yet another car the people await in the coming year. The long name is not there for no reason at all. The Cupra refers to how fast it is. 300 is the horsepower that it can reach. 4Drive tells us that it is an all-wheel drive car. The ST tells us that is an estate car, not a three-door SC.

The Cupra 300 is a replacement to the previous Cupra 290. The company has claimed it to be one of the fastest cars and hence, there are many features that will aid the car’s speed. There is a lot you can expect from this car.It comes under the budget of £33,930. The 2.0-liter engine is turbocharged, providing maximum car power. Compared to the previous model, the torque has gone up as well. It had gone from 258 to 280 lb-ft.

With the advancements the company has come up with in this car model, it is up for competition against some of Volkswagen cars and even is comparable to Audi S3. 6-speed manual transmissions are offered, or for the automatic engine, DSG dual clutch transmission is available.

The car exterior is designed beautifully. It gives a posh and luxurious look to the car. The interior is the same. Car rides have been ensured to be comfortable. Long rides on this wheels will be relaxing. The driver will not be tired of driving the car for long road trips either due to the comfortable facilities given in the car. Safety sensors are also installed, providing protection as well.

The car is practical, safe and comfortable. It is an everyday car and provides the benefits of a traditional sports car. However, it is suitable for long rides too. With a spacious interior and enough cargo space, there is no worry for long trips. It is a powerful and efficient car. It is easy to handle. Although the SC version is faster, the ST Cupra 300 is still a remarkable creation. Sell your old Seat to Trusted Car Buyers and buy new Leon Cupra 300 to get some sport expirience for reasonable price.

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Seat Leon Cupra 300
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Seat Leon Cupra 300
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