Skoda Kodiaq SUV twin-turbo diesel

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Skoda is planning a twin-turbo diesel version of the Kodiaq SUV with Sportline and Scout variants also on the cards.

The new Skoda Kodiaq now looks almost certain to get an even more powerful diesel model at the head of its range some time in 2017 – after the firm’s head of research and development admitted he has tested such a vehicle recently.

At launch, the most potent Kodiaq on offer is a 187bhp four-cylinder turbodiesel, equipped with four-wheel drive and a DSG gearbox. However, Skoda’s board member with responsibility for R&D, Christian Struber, has given official confirmation that a more powerful variant is already under development which means that it won’t be long until we see it on the roads.

At the Kodiaq’s reveal in Berlin Struber was asked whether the new model was capable of taking more power and he said, “I have been driving such a car only last week, and it was fantastic. From an engineering perspective, of course we want to give the Kodiaq even more performance, and we’ve been working on this. Now we must wait for the business case.”

Later when information about the new engine was requested Struber admitted, “It was a diesel.” It is believed that Skoda is preparing to fit the twin-turbodiesel from the VW Passat into the Kodiaq. That four-cylinder motor produces 237bhp in the Volkswagen.

After the new model is released it is expected to be restricted to four-wheel drive and a DSG transmission, as well as the upper trim levels like Sportline and Laurin & Klement. This could increase the price of the Kodiaq in the UK to somewhere just above £40,000 which is a landmark figure for the Skoda brand, however the car was rumoured to be at a starting figure of just under £23,000. This seems to be very unlikely at the moment as that would result in a loss for the company and they choose to follow the general pattern they have done in the past.

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Skoda Kodiaq SUV twin-turbo diesel
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Skoda Kodiaq SUV twin-turbo diesel
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